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Thank you Granville Island Boatyard!!

The goal of our OOSHEW Membership Pilot is to improve and adapt the resources included to a wide range of industries. We look to our OOSHEW Membership Pilot members for the feedback needed to achieve this goal.

This week one such member stood out among the rest for their contribution; The Granville Island Boatyard

We would like to recognise Erin Sharp and the awesome team over at Granville Island Boatyard for your detailed and prudent input on how we could improve some of our preventative maintenance documentation! 

We appreciate you guys taking the time out of your busy day to contribute to the program how you did. Your suggestions help us improve the tools we provide for yourself along with all the other OOSHEW Members going forward in to the future!

  Granville Island Boatyard

We thank you for your insight and commitment to having a safe and healthy workplace for all your staff and customers.

Thank you for being awesome!




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