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Safety Meeting Topic by OOSHEW: Crane Load Rigging

Today we are sharing a printable safety meeting topic with you.

It is about the importance of correct rigging practices. The first part is a story of an incident (which actually happened).

After you read it with your team, ask them the discussion questions at the bottom and get the dialog going. Discussion, we find, is a an excellent way to get the guys thinking about safety! 

Tower Crane - OOSHEW Safety Training Vancouver

Here at OOSHEW we develop tools and resources to support you in the development and execution of your OHS program. 

Currently ALL employers who take training with us also gain complete access to our H&S Library which includes forms and documentation along with more safety meeting topics.

We hope this tool is useful to you! Feel free to forward or share it with anyone you think may find it useful!

Thanks for reading and here is the topic:
Safety Meeting Topic: Crane Load Rigging PDF
(Includes topic, discussion questions and attendance form.)

We always welcome feedback and would love to hear your requests for new safety meeting topics that would help YOU out!

Please email us at

**Tip** - Group Discussions: Let you people answer the question; don't answer it for them if you don't get an immediate response from the team. Sometimes you need to trust in that extra second of silence to do the heavy lifting as far as participation goes. Your team will engage in the discussion, if you let them :)


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