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Industrial Lift Truck - Class 1, 4, 5


Training Cost: $200/student

Training Duration: 4 Hours
Delivery Method: In Person
Prerequisite: None
Supplies Required: CSA approved work boots and hard hat, safety glasses, gloves.

Combo This Training With: Industrial Lift Truck Class 2 or 3 or 7



This training is for workers who operate an industrial lift truck (classes 1, 4 or 5) in the workplace, commonly known as “counterbalance forklift”.

Theory Lessons Include

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial OH&S regulations and applicable CSA standards.
  • Manufacturer specifications for equipment being trained on.
  • Hazard and risk assessment for workplace safety.
  • Safe operating procedures.
  • Safe approach limits to energized equipment and power lines.
  • Working load limit & stability.
  • Roles of a spotter/signal person.

Practical Lessons Include

  • Lift plan.
  • Inspection of the equipment and surrounding work area.
  • Operating the equipment with a load and communicating with a spotter.

Class Lift Codes

  • Class 1 Lift Code 1.  Electric motor rider trucks: counterbalanced rider, stand-up.
  • Class 1 Lift Code 4.  Electric motor rider trucks: three wheel electric trucks, sit-down.
  • Class 1 Lift Code 5.  Electric motor rider truck: counterbalanced rider, cushion tires, sit-down.
  • Class 1 Lift Code 6.  Electric motor rider trucks:  counterbalanced rider, pneumatic tire, sit-down.
  • Class 4 Lift Code 3.  Internal combustion engine trucks: fork, counterbalanced (cushion tire).
  • Class 5 Lift Code 4. Internal combustion engine trucks: Pneumatic tires only, forks, counterbalanced, pneumatic tire.


Applicable OH&S Regulations and Standards

Canada Labour Code Part II

  • Part 13 Tools and Machinery

Alberta OH&S

  • Part 3 Specification and Certifications
  • Part 19 Powered Mobile Equipment

British Columbia OH&S

  • Part 16 Mobile Equipment

Canadian Standards Association

  • B335-15 Safety Standard for Lift Trucks