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Confined Space Entry Training


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Training Duration:  6 Hours 

Delivery Method:  In Person, Hands-On

Student Prerequisite:  None

Course Summary

This training course is for workers who enter a confined space or who attends ("Standby Person") to the entrants inside of a confined space.

This training is intended for confined spaces with atmospheres classified as “low hazard” or “moderate hazard”.

Typical confined spaces include: barges, crawl spaces, penstocks, pipelines, silos, storage containers, underground vaults, and vessels. 

Theory Lessons

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial OH&S regulations.

  • Definitions, characteristics & hazards of a confined space.

  • Gas testing.

  • Isolating hazardous energy.

  • Purging & ventilating a confined space.

  • Safe work procedures.

  • Roles & responsibilities of entrants, attendants, supervisor and rescue personnel.

Practical Lessons

  • Hazard & risk assessment and control measures.

  • Rescue planning.

  • CSE permit documenting, entrant logging, atmospheric testing logging.

  • Inspection, function test, calibration and operation of portable multi-gas detector.

  • Air quality monitoring for oxygen, flammables and toxic gases.

  • Entry into a confined space.

  • Rescue drill.


Applicable OH&S Regulations and Standards

Canada Labour Code Part II

  • Part 11 Confined Spaces
Alberta OH&S
  • Part 3 Specification and Certifications
  • Part 5 Confined Spaces
  • Part 15 Managing the Control of Hazardous Energy
British Columbia OH&S
  • Part 09 Confined Spaces
  • Part 10 De-energization and Lockout
  • Part 32 Evacuation and Rescue