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Fall Protection Training


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Training Duration:  6 Hours

Delivery Method:  In Person, Hands-On 

Student Prerequisite:  None

Course Summary

This training course is for workers who utilize personal fall protection equipment while performing work at heights, such as: balconies, bridges, formwork, ladders, leading edges, rebar, roof tops, scaffolds, towers and work platforms.

Theory Lessons

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial OH&S Regulations and applicable CSA standards.

  • Procedures for when fall protection equipment is not utilized.

  • Temporary guardrails and control zones.

  • Fall protection planning and rescue planning.

  • Selection of personal fall protection equipment (harness, lanyards, connectors, lifelines, anchors).

  • Work positioning, fall restraint and fall arrest controls.

  • Arresting forces from shock.

  • Temporary horizontal lifelines.

  • Fall clearance calculation.

Practical Lessons

  • Inspection and fitting of personal harnesses.

  • Inspection and application of a variety of connectors and lanyards.

  • Inspection and application of a variety of anchorage connectors (beam clamp, concrete insert, roof anchor, slings, etc.).

  • Fall protection planing & rescue planning.

  • Fall restraint and fall arrest controls.

  • Setup of work positioning.

  • Setup of a horizontal lifeline.

  • Setup of vertical lifelines.

  • Setup of self retracting lifelines.

  • Self-rescue with suspension trauma straps.

  • Rigging a 1:1 pulley system and a 4:1 pulley system.


    Applicable OH&S Regulations and Standards

    Canada Labour Code Part II
    • Part 3.8 Guardrails and Toe Boards
    • Part 12.10 Fall Protection Systems
      Alberta OH&S
      • Part 3 Specification and Certification
      • Part 9 Fall Protection
        British Columbia OH&S
        • Part 11 Fall Protection

          Canadian Standards Association