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Reschedule Policy

Customers wishing to reschedule a Training Event without penalty must inform OOSHEW within 3 business days of the originally scheduled Training Event.

Notice can be emailed to or by calling 778-885-4600.

Refund Policy

A full refund will be returned to the customer when:

  1. The customer has provided 5 business days notice to cancel a Training Event.
  2. OOSHEW has cancelled the training event for reasons such as instructor unavailability, training location unavailability or equipment unavailability.

A refund will NOT be returned to the customer when:

  1. A customer cancels the Training Event with less than 5 business days notice.
  2. A student fails to attend or fails to complete the Training Event.
  3. A students fails the practical or written exam portion of the Training Event.
  4. When the customer's training location is unavailable or not suitable or not safe for the Training Event.
  5. When the customer's equipment designated for the training is defective or unsafe.