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Advanced Safety Professional Training


Have you completed your CSO training but are still asking yourself:

What are my roles and responsibilities?

Where do I start with developing the HSE Program?

How do I improve my Incident Investigating skills?

How do I improve with developing Project Safety Plans?

How do I efficiently track and monitor all the KPI's?


This course will immerse you into the real-life operations of an HSE professional.


OOSHEW has consulted on over 100 large-scale construction projects in Metro-Vancouver for Safety Planning, Safety Training and regular worksite inspections.

This course starts off where the CSO course finished. Students will visit current construction worksites in Metro-Vancouver to further develop their skills and expertise.


  • Understanding the Risk Analysis Process
  • Developing a Risk Matrix
  • Conducting an Incident Investigation
  • Conducting Workplace Inspections
  • Confined Space Entry Assessment and Planning
  • Fall Protection Assessment and Planning
  • Lockout Tagout Assessment and Planning
  • Developing a Project Safety Plan
  • Developing a System to Track Key Performance Indicators
  • Safety Administration
  • Understanding the Objectives & Key Results System (as used by Google, Intel, Twitter, BMW, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many other Fortune 500 companies).


Training Cost: $2,000.00/student

Delivery Method: In Person

Length: 5 Days (40 Hours)

Location: TBD (a Metro-Vancouver construction worksite)

Prerequisite: CSO Training is ideal but not mandatory

Extras: Mentorship plan

Supplies Provided by Student

  • Laptop Computer (internet capable).
  • Smartphone (i.e., Apple, Android).
  • Safety Boots (CSA approved steel-toed with 6” high ankle).

Supplies Provided for Students

  • PPE for the worksite will be provided for the student (hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, high-visibility vest).


Attendance & Registration:

Students must be pre-registered before the training date.

Students must arrive and register 15 minutes before the training course starts; late students will not be accepted to participate in the training course.

Student Attire:

Students should dress comfortably for "hands-on" practical training.
Students must wear the site-specific PPE when the training course is being hosted at a worksite/jobsite/construction site.

Inappropriate Attire:

The following are not appropriate for the training class: high-heel shoes, open toe shoes, sandals, dresses, skirts, muscle shirts.

Training Certificates:

Students must complete the entire training course and pass the written exam with at least 80% grade to receive a training certificate. Training certificates will be emailed to the student and the employer.