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Respiratory Protection - Train the Trainer


Arrange a Private Group Training Session


Training Duration:  6-8 hours (depending on student's skill and knowledge).

Delivery Method:  In person, at OOSHEW's training facility.

Equipment Requirements: None.

Course Literature: Accessible with mobile application.

Training Card: Digital format and includes hyperlinked class photos and course literature. Valid for 3 years.

PPE Required: None.

Student Prerequisite: None.

Student Requirement: Student must be clean-shaven where the respirator seals to the face.

Large Employers: Access to OOSHEW's robust training database (training records from your employees and your subcontractors).


Course Summary

This training is for the person who provides air purifying respirators to their workers and performs the respirator fit testing.

This training is NOT intended for workers who require a supplied breathing air apparatus.

Theory Lessons

  • Applicable OH&S Regulations (Federal and Provincial).

  • Applicable CSA Standards.

  • Health risks of asbestos, silica, welding fumes & toxic air contaminants.

  • Responsibilities of: respirator user, respirator issuer, respirator fit tester, supervisor, employer.

  • Types of air purifying respirators.

  • Types of filters and cartridges.

  • Protection factors.


    Practical Lessons

  • Referencing the Occupational Exposure Limits for hazardous substances.

  • Referencing the NIOSH database for hazardous substances.

  • How to complete an Exposure Control Plan (silica is the example).

  • How to select the appropriate respirator.

  • How to select the appropriate filters and cartridges.

  • How to inspect and clean a respirator.

  • How to properly don and fit a respirator.

  • Negative and Positive seal check test.

  • How to conduct a qualitative fit test using irritant smoke as the challenge agent.

  • Record keeping.

  • Students will receive access to the digital training program so they can administer respirator fit tests.