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Training Cost: $225/student 

Training Duration: 4 Hours
Delivery Method: In Person
Prerequisite: None
Supplies Required: CSA approved work boots and hard hat, safety glasses, gloves.

Combo This Training With: Industrial Lift Truck Class 7, Overhead Crane



This training is for workers who utilize rigging equipment for material handling and for “below the hook” applications.

Theory Lessons Include

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial OH&S regulations and applicable CSA standards.
  • Specifications for synthetic slings, chain slings and wire rope.
  • Specifications for rigging hardware (shackles, eye bolts, wire rope clips, hooks, etc.).
  • Safety factors.
  • Sling angles.
  • Load calculations.
  • Workplace safety and safe procedures.

Practical Lessons Include

  • Inspection of rigging equipment (chain slings, chain assembly, web slings, wire rope, shackles, turnbuckles, chain hoists, lever hoists, eye bolts, etc.)
  • Common rigging knots (clove hitch, bowline, sheet bend, square knot, etc.)
  • Hazard & risk assessment and control measures.
  • Hand signals.
  • Lift plan and practical lift of a load.


Applicable OH&S Regulations and Standards

Canada Labour Code Part II

  • Part 14 Materials Handling
  • Part 14.42 Ropes, Slings and Chains

Alberta OH&S

  • Part 3 Specification and Certifications
  • Part 21 Rigging
  • Schedule 5 Cable Clips on Wire Rope

British Columbia OH&S

  • Part 15 Rigging

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • B30.9-2014 Slings
  • B30.20-2013 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices
  • B30.26-2015 Rigging Hardware