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Aerial Work Platform (Scissor Lift) Training


Training Duration:  6 hours

Delivery Method:  In Person at the customer's location and with customer supplied equipment.

PPE Required: CSA approved work boots and hard hat, safety glasses, gloves.

Course Summary

This training is for workers who operate a Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platform (Scissor Lift) in the workplace.


Theory Lessons

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial OH&S regulations and applicable CSA standards.

  • Manufacturer specifications for the model being trained on.

  • Hazard and risk assessment for workplace safety.

  • Safe operating procedures.

  • Hand signals and working with a spotter.

  • Safe approach limits to energized equipment and power lines.

  • Stability.

  • Roles of a spotter/signal person.

  • Preventive maintenance.

  • Equipment transport.

  • Rescue scenarios.


Practical Lessons

  • Inspection of scissor lift and surrounding work area.

  • Operating the scissor lift and communicating with a spotter.

  • Emergency lowering procedures.

  • Rescue drill.



Applicable OH&S Regulations and Standards


Canada Labour Code Part II
  • Part 12.10 Fall Protection Systems
  • Part 9 Elevating Devices


Alberta OH&S

  • Part 3 Specification and Certifications
  • Part 9 Fall Protection
  • Part 23 Elevating Platforms and Aerial Devices
  • Schedule 4 Safe Limit of Approach Distances


British Columbia OH&S

  • Part 11 Fall Protection
  • Part 13 Division 5 Movable Work Platforms
  • Table 19A-1A Minimum Approach Distances When Working Close to Exposed Electrical Equipment and Conductors


Canadian Standards Association

  • B354.2-01Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms (2013)