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Industrial Lift Truck - Class 3


Training Duration:  6-8 hours (depending on student's skill and knowledge).

Delivery Method:  In person at the customer's location.

Equipment Requirements: Customer supplied lift truck.

Course Literature: Accessible with mobile application.

Training Card: Digital with hyperlinked class photos and course material. Valid for 3 years.

PPE Required: CSA approved work boots.

Student Prerequisite: None.

Large Employers: Access to OOSHEW's robust training database (training records from your employees and your subcontractors).


Course Summary

This training is for workers who operate an industrial lift truck (class 3) in the workplace, commonly known as a Powered Pallet Jack.


Theory Lessons Include

  • Applicable OH&S Regulations (Federal and Provincial).

  • Applicable CSA Standards.

  • Manufacturer specifications for equipment being trained on.

  • Hazard and risk assessment for workplace safety.

  • Safe operating procedures.

  • Safe approach limits to energized equipment and power lines.

  • Working load limit & stability.

  • Roles of a spotter/signal person.


    Practical Lessons

  • Lift plan.

  • Inspection of the equipment and surrounding work area.

  • Operating the equipment with a load and communicating with a spotter.


    Class Lift Codes

  • Lift Code 1.  Electric motor hand trucks: low lift platform.

  • Lift Code 2.  Electric motor hand trucks: low lift walkie pallet.

  • Lift Code 3: Electric motor hand trucks: tractors.

  • Lift Code 4: Electric motor hand trucks: low lift walkie/center control.

  • Lift Code 5: Electric motor hand trucks: reach type outrigger.

  • Lift Code 6: Electric motor hand trucks: high lift straddle, single face pallet, high lift platform.

  • Lift Code 7: Electric motor hand trucks: high lift counterbalanced.

  • Lift Code 8: Electric motor hand trucks: low lift walkie/rider pallet and end control.