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Health & Safety Management System Developer


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Course Type:  Professional Development Training

Course Purpose

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

From this course you will learn how to develop a comprehensive Health & Safety Management System for your employer or your clients. 

A company with up to 100 employees can easily invest $100,000 in their first year developing a Health & Safety Management System (research and development time, software, publishing, wages). Save your company money, learn and develop the system yourself!

Consultants in Canada and USA with this expertise charge their clients between $150.00 - $250.00 per hour (depends on experience and region). 

Training Method:  Webinar using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or In-Person at your office. Expense fees may apply for In-Person training.

Class Size:  1 - 3 students

Training Duration:  10 days 

Student Requirements

  1. Experience with working in a health & safety department, safety consulting, safety managing or construction safety officer experience is beneficial.
  2. Basic computer and internet based software knowledge.
  3. Ability to install a collaborative software like Microsoft Teams.
  4. Computer with fast speed internet connection:
    1. Laptop for in person training, or
    2. Laptop or desktop computer for remote learning. 


Training Certification

Certificate of Achievement as proof of training, no expiry date.


Course Price

$30,000.00 per student.

Extra Costs: Mobilization fee for private group class scheduled at the customer's workplace.

Extra Costs: Out of town travel when applicable.


Theory Lessons

  1. Includes the Risk Management training course.
  2. Reference to applicable OHS Regulations (Federal, Provincial).
  3. Review of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.
  4. Document control and management.


Practical Lessons

  1. Includes the Risk Management training course.
  2. Determining an acceptable program benchmark for audit purposes.
  3. Designing the management system's architecture.
  4. Developing the organization chart.
  5. Developing the inventory of programs, policies and procedures.
  6. Developing the inventory of safety forms and templates.
  7. Preparing for an audit.


Send Us Your Training Request - Click Here