Airtable - Basics

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Course Type

Software (database) Training.

Course Purpose

This course is for a person whom is new to using the Airtable platform.

Skill Level

Level 1.

Training Method

  1. Webinar: worldwide (MS Teams or Zoom).
  2. In-Person at Your Location: Contact Us (778) 885-4600.

Class Size

1 - 50 students.

Training Duration

6 - 8 hours (depending on student's skill and knowledge).

Student Requirements

  1. Basic computer and internet based software knowledge.
  2. Ability to install a collaborative software like Microsoft Teams.
  3. Computer with fast speed internet connection:
    1. Laptop for in person training, or
    2. Laptop or desktop computer for remote learning.

Training Certification

Certificate of Achievement as proof of training, no expiry date.

Course Price

  • Drop-In Webinar Class: $350.00 per student.
  • Private Webinar Group Rate: $1,400.00 (4 students) + $300.00 per additional student.
  • Onsite Private Group Rate: $2,100.00 (6 students) + $300.00 per additional student.
  • Platinum Members: 15% discount.
  • Additional Fees: Out of town travel expenses when applicable.

Course Outline

Airtable Access

  1. Start by setting up a free Airtable account Click Here

Theory Lessons

  1. Permission levels.
  2. Bases.
  3. Tables.
  4. Fields.
  5. Formulas.
  6. Records.
  7. Extensions.
  8. Forms.
  9. Understanding how to sync with other Bases.

    Practical Lessons

    1. Setting up a practice Base.
    2. Establishing test tables.
    3. Establishing test fields.
    4. Writing formulas.
    5. Syncing tables.
    6. Creating different view types.
    7. Creating forms.
    8. Enter mock records for testing.