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Airtable - Building Your Training Records Database


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Course Type:  Web Based Software Training

Course Purpose

This course is for a student whom:

  1. Uses the Airtable (Saas) platform, has a basic knowledge of using the platform, and
    1. Needs to learn how to build a database to track employee Training Records.

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Skill Level:  Level 2

Training Method:  Webinar using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or In-Person at your office.

Class Size:  1 - 50 students

Training Duration:  8 hours  

Student Requirements

  1. Student prerequisite:
    1. Airtable - Basics,
    2. Airtable - Building Your Company Database, and
    3. Has completed setting up a "People and Companies" Base and "Projects" Base in their Airtable account.
  2. Basic computer and internet based software knowledge.
  3. Ability to install a collaborative software like Microsoft Teams.
  4. Computer with fast speed internet connection:
    1. Laptop for in person training,
    2. Laptop or desktop computer for remote learning.


Training Certification

Digital training card as proof of training, no expiry date.


Course Price

Online Class: $600.00 per student.

Private Group Class: $2,400.00 (minimum charge of 4 students).

Additional Students: $600.00 per student.

Extra Costs: Mobilization fee for private group class scheduled at the customer's workplace.

Extra Costs: Out of town travel when applicable.


Database Building Lessons

  1. Setting up a Base for the Training Records database.
  2. Establishing the required tables.
  3. Establishing the required fields.
  4. Establishing the required formulas.
  5. Assigning keywords for multi-selecting items.
  6. Establishing multiple view types.
  7. Entering mock records for testing.
  8. Syncing the Training Records Base with the Projects Base.


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