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Lockout / Tagout


Arrange a Private Group Training Session


Training Duration:  6 Hours

Delivery Method:  In Person, Hands-On

Prerequisite:  None 


Course Summary

This training is for workers who work on a system that is de-energized and isolated from hazardous energy.

Theory Lessons

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial OH&S Regulations and applicable CSA standards.

  • Purpose for lockout/tagout.

  • Process of lockout/tagout.

  • Types of hazardous energy.

  • Types of isolation devices.

  • Workplace safety.

Practical Lessons

  • Hazard & risk assessment and control measures.

  • Lockout manifest.

  • Personal lockout log record keeping.

  • Use of isolating devices.

  • Use of personal locks. 

  • Lockout of an energized system.



Applicable OH&S Regulations and Standards

Canada Labour Code Part II
  • Part 3 Specification and Certifications
  • Part 8.12 Isolation of Electrical Equipment
    Alberta OH&S
    • Part 15 Managing the Control of Hazardous Energy
      British Columbia OH&S
      • Part 10 De-energization and Lockout
        Canadian Standards Association
        • Z460-13 Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout and other Methods